Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Almost "Friday"

Friday gets to come early this week because instead of just doing a weekend in Paris, we're doing 3 full days. We leave Friday at 6am (yes...6am in the morning and the place we leave from is nearly a half an hour walk from my house EEK! At least we'll have a three hour bus ride to sleep before we get there). Should be a rocking time, especially since we won't have to go to classes at the Institute!

These pictures are over due, so - have a look at my French maison!

This is the gate I go through to get to my house!

This is the house! Very French :)

In front of the house there's a little garden with a giant fig tree. When it's nice out it's fun to eat out there!

This is my WONDERFUL French puppy that I love so dearly. Twistie came running over when I got home and started taking pictures.

The Herve's beautiful kitchen. I love the huge windows.

Little triumphs of the week:
- Ordered a book I need for my economics class from the guy at the bookstore!
- Played lots of Resident Evil with Flore, awesome girl bonding, killing zombies. She now comes freely into my room. Yesterday we had a fashion show with all the new clothes she bought (at awesome prices...seriously 150 Euro jeans for 40!)
- Laughing about how all the BEF girls are having nightmares about being at home instead of in France
- Keeping my room clean
- Mastering the 5 minute shower with ease

I'll write again tomorrow about today, lots of homework to do now!

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