Monday, September 15, 2008


This weekend was truly magnificent and I have many stories and many many photographs. I also have a lot of homework. For one of the Bucknell classes we are required to write a four page paper (in French!) on the trip, our impressions, etc. So instead of using that energy here it has been rerouted to that.
Today was the first real day of the economics course and it's the last week at the Institute, so - this is a promise post: I promise that tomorrow I will write something stupendous with lots of beautiful photographs.

Excellent story of the day: My host brother Augustin knocked on my door today and I helped him with his English homework for an hour. It was blissfully fun. They had to read a "policier" (the French have wonderfully specific titles for genres) and then write a 300 word ending. Interrogation, lies, murder, all the good stuff. We spent most of the time laughing. His grammar really is autrocious and makes me feel so much better about life.

Quick last week update that was promised: On Wednesday night it was the president of the Université welcoming all the first years and international students in a huge hall of the Hôtel de Ville, which I learned is actually just a town hall (go figure). All the residents of Tours are required to get married there (in a gorgeous room). We listened to not-so-inspirational speeches about how we should access all the resources of the town, but then we were all given champagne, so we didn't complain.

À demain!

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