Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two days in a row? Never again

Well..probably never again, but here I am.

Today was awesome...and spent lots of money, but on things that I love (Mom and Dad - when you visit, definitely pleeeeeeeeeease bring space to take some of my heavier things with you - you're the BEST).

Got out onto the man boulevard and nearly fell over. To all those that live in Lewisburg, go to Bucknell, have visited Lewisburg, and have been to Street of Shops, Attention: This is so much more. Imagine Street of shops, now double it, then take 10 blocks of street, block it from cars, and cram all that stuff into it. Then take another 5 blocks and dedicate that to food. Then go to the middle and put 15 blocks X-ing through it with higher class clothing, jackets, dresses, scarves, shoes, boots, EVERYTHING. Now put speakers in all the trees and blast it. Now add guys in silver glitz selling balloons. Now add 5,000 people, all trying to shop. This is not exaggeration. If anything, it's diminishing it a bit because I didn't walk end to end of either streets. Random side streets also had vending persons, I have only noted what I walked.

*Note: I believe you can click on the pictures and see them bigger - it makes it faster for me to upload them if they're smaller - please let me know if it works!!

Apparently this happens on a Sunday every once in a while

Be proud that I only bought 4 things, and decided to wait until next week to do all my Christmas shopping. Things I bought: Ultimate Brown Leather Bomber Jacket that I look SUPER European in (and love love love), Coffee table book about every chateau in France - great history lessons, these huge harem type pants (brown linen) that are UBER popular here and massively comfortable (it's the anti straight leg jean), and the best sausage/mustard on a baguette (French version of a hot dog) in the was so amazing.

After shopping for the morning, Caroline and I headed out to the Musée de Beaux Arts, since it's free the first Sunday of the month. It was a cute little museum - the outdoors is the best part (and is open for free whenever the museum is open).

The giant tree is truly impressive and over 200 years old! On the side there is also a (real life) stuffed elephant that used to be part of Barnum and Bailey's Circus, but he died in the streets of Tours during a parade (bad day). So here he rests. His name was Fritz.

After that we went and saw a film called "Le Sel de la Mer" but the actual title is "Salt of this Ocean" or..that in Arabic. The cinéma "Studios" plays films in their original text with subtitles. It was interesting because it was 80% Arabic, 19.9% English, and .01% Spanish, so a lot of the time I was listening to Arabic reading French subtitles. The subtitles were nice though and helped me understand. The film is very artsy but makes a beautiful statement. Definite suggestion for those interested in the life and history of the Middle East, specifically Jerusalem.

Off to homework. Start classes early in the morning tomorrow and have my econ class, but I have excited butterflies in my stomach.
Bonne Nuit!

** Edit: apparently Salt of this Ocean is something like hatha assaam il-sifaa. Thanks Kev - (he says that might not be it exactly). And for those who don't know - street of shops is an indoor barn the size of 2 football fields full of every antique anything you can think of that has been made ever. Ever.

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