Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy October!

I can't believe it's already October, time has been going by so quickly. The weather is getting cooler, but the trees haven't started changing colors yet, hopefully soon. I will be updating soon about the trip to Langeais and Villandry, two castles rather close to Tours. Once I'm done writing my 4 page paper on it!

I want to make a giant shout out to our professor in residence - Professor Jordan, who sincerely rocks. He made a youtube video of our trip to the vineyard and set it to music all edited and everything. He rocks. For your enjoyment:
L'avenir, on dira. Best advice I've ever been given in my life, given to me by a great great grandson of a winemaker.

It's nice to be in full swing with classes, though having decent amounts of homework again kind of isn't the most fun thing in the world. We had the first real bio class yesterday, wherein we learned some things about the 5 SIQO regulation types (varieties of stamps from organic, to AOC, to one that says it was made in an authentic way, like hand churned butter) in the morning then went and had a scavenger hunt at the giant indoor market - Les Halles, to find products from each category. Who knew that you could buy AOC lentiles, or AOC absenthe.

Tired and sick. Hopefully the cold will pass soon. My host mom is so cute about it though. Only in France does a mother say "oh, have some duck paté, it's nice and bland and will make you feel better"
Surprising true.

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